Heavy Equipment Training

Financing Options

NAHETS member Schools offer several tuition financing options, each designed to make it easy and affordable to enroll in any of our training programs. You can apply for financing by filling out the financing application.

Application Procedure

Students should submit a Financing Application, enclosed in the DVD and Getting Started Kit, by mail or fax. Please allow 48 hours from receipt by financial institution for approval. Financing applicants should provide a copy of a driver's license with their financing application.

State and Federal Funding

Some of NAHETS member school students may qualify for state or federal grants to help them cover training cost. Students receiving unemployment benefits may be eligible to receive these benefits while in training. Examples of these are:

- Workforce Investment Act (WIA)

- Department of Workforce Development

- Trade Adjustment Act (TAA)

- Displaced Workers

- Displaced Farmers

- Vocational Rehabilitation

- Tribal Education (BIA)

-Veterans Title 31 (Vocational Rehabilitation)

Career Loans

The majority of member school students pay for their education with career loans. Loans can be used to pay for tuition, hotel, and other living expenses. The student makes a down payment upon enrolling in class and a loan can be used to cover the balance of the training cost. These loans can also be used to obtain additional cash to help a student pay for other living expenses while in school.

NAHETS member schools have established relationships with national lending institutions which offers loans to our students. Your school of choice can recommend a lender if requested. You will find Financing Applications enclosed in our printed materials. You may also call your school of choice to request one by mail.

Many national banks offer "Career Loans" to their customers. Students should talk with their local bank about a "Career Education" loan.

Credit Record

Students applying for loans should be aware that their credit record plays an important role in qualifying for financing. Students with a negative credit record should attempt to get a co-signer with good credit.

Heavy Equipment Training
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